Broadband Bonding Service Set your network on autopilot.

Broadband Bonding as Managed Service : Mushroom CPE devices (such as Truffle and Portabella) have the built-in ability to bond https downlink traffic without requiring a peering device or service. The optional Broadband Bonding Service (BBS) adds the application centric overlay tunnels by peering the Mushroom CPE to the Mushroom Relay Servers in the cloud. This enables tunnels with packet granularity bonding for any protocol or application such as video, voip, uploads, chatty applications and so on. With BBS, even for a single session can be striped over the available links unlocking the aggregate speed of the connections.

Self-hosted Broadband Bonding (Virtual Leased Line)…

The Virtual Leased Line (VLL) provides secure, fast and reliable office to office VPN connectivity between multiple locations via creating an IP tunnel that uses the bonded Internet access lines available on each side. VLL can enable a bonded VPN Internet pipe between two office locations or between the office and its Internet Data Center. This is accomplished via Truffle appliances at each end-point. VLL can bond any type of Internet access line from any service providers including DSL, Cable, T1, E1, MPLS etc., without requiring any coordination with the ISPs. VLL tunnel supports star and mesh topologies for office to office VPN. VLL supports encryption or can work transparently with your existing VPN to accomplish VPN bonding.

Mushroom Networks Inc.


  • Down link and Up-link Bonding
  • WAN on autopilot for High 9s Reliability
  • Application Armor with Session Keep Alive
  • Advanced QoS algorithms
  • Elastic Static IP

    How it works

  • Peering
  • Measurements
  • SD-WAN>
  • Algorithms
  • Implementation
  • Multi-tenancy support